100% Italian Oil

Our oil

Do you want to know what makes our oil unique? Its flavour is so special, genuine, delicate and at the same time decisive thanks to a particular combination of factors that for over 50 years have characterised Il Frantoio Il Mandorlo: the territory, organic farming and harvesting and crushing methods.

The territory

A very long series of factors contribute to making our oil unique. Our land of about seven hectares is located in Florence between 250 and 300 metres above sea level and overlooks the enchanting hill of Fiesole.

The clay loam soil guarantees an excellent water reserve for the olive trees even in the hottest periods of the year. The favourable microclimate ensures the excellent vegetative activity of the plants, rapid anemophilous pollination and an ideal growth rate of the drupe.

We have about 2,000 olive trees of different varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino and Leccio del Corno, cultivars that characterise the Tuscan olive landscape.

Organic farming

We use only natural methods to combat the oil fly, such as copper and kaolin, with the aim of counteracting the deposition of the diphtheria eggs on the drupe without endangering the local microfauna.

In summer, in the months of July, August and September, pheromone traps are placed according to an imaginary equilateral triangle pattern at a distance of 50 meters from each other, to monitor any Bactrocera Oleae infestations.

Reducing the impact on the environment and combating olive oil flies has been a complex but necessary challenge. Our family has always believed that the land is an asset to be respected and not exploited, we thus pay great attention to the environment and people by offering an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil.

Harvesting and crushing

We harvest olives in the field with hand casting and combing techniques, using electric aids to limit as much damage to the olives as possible. The harvest takes place in a very precise, almost maniacal way, to guarantee a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.

The harvested olives are placed in well-ventilated boxes, alternating a layer of leaves with a layer of olives to preserve integrity. Within 24 hours of harvesting, the olives are milled directly in our family mill with cold pressing below 27 degrees to obtain a fresh, fruity product, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.

To obtain a superior quality extra virgin olive oil, our father Luciano Ronca implemented a new mechanism in 2003 for selecting the various cultivars in the field in order to maximise the merits and diversity of the oil varieties obtainable.

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