100% Italian Oil

Awards and Certifications

concorso annuale tra produttori

Our quality is certified.


In 2023 we obtained the double gold medal in the international competition ATHENA IOOC, the highest recognition obtainable, with our organic extra virgin olive oil.


Our oil mill has been awarded gold and silver medals in the years in which we decided to participate in this international competition, and has been recognised as one of the best oil companies in the world.


In 2015, we won the 1st prize nationally among over 100 companies participating in the light fruit category with our flagship product, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend of the main Tuscan cultivars: moraiolo, frantoio, leccino and pendolino.

Tuscany Food Awards

In 2018 we participated in the regional selection of the best Tuscan extra virgin olive oils, winning the 1st position among 25 companies participating in the oil category.

International Association of Oil Restaurants

In 2020 Luciano Ronca was ranked second in the Professional Tester category at the first edition of the Oil Tester Competition organised by A.I.R.O.

Institute for Ethics and Environment Certification

ICEA is a non-profit organization founded on competence and shared ethical values, as a guarantee of service quality and impartiality. The roots and history of ICEA inspire and generate trust among those who, believing in the centrality of mankind, pursue the path of sustainability every day for a prosperous and safe future for the planet and all of humanity. The offer linked to certification, research and development and cultural dissemination services for companies wishing to undertake sustainable development paths, is aimed at guaranteeing the seriousness, honesty as well as the lawfulness of certified companies, offering them an advantage. competitive on a market increasingly attentive to ethical and sustainable values, thus triggering that virtuous circle that will have to lead to a dominant model of economy, ethical and sustainable, increasingly rich in products with low environmental impact and people more attentive to great human values.

Organic Italian Agriculture

Organic certification helps us make an informed choice regarding the food safety of the product we intend to purchase. The green organic logo tells us about the life cycle of a food characterized by high quality standards, essential for our well-being and for the environment.

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