100% Italian Oil

Contract processing

We offer our oil mill up to all professional olive growers and amateurs who want to produce oil from their own olives.

Starting in September, we begin taking reservations for the milling that is carried out in the months of October and November. To book, you need to provide an estimate of the quantity of olives that will be crushed.

Once you reach our oil mill on the agreed day, we will unload the olives, defoliate and weigh them. Once these steps have been completed, we will move on to the actual processing: the oil production

The duration of the entire olive processing process varies and depends on the quantities processed.

For bottling, we suggest using 5-litre tins, which can also be purchased at our oil mill, for greater product safety and for better preservation.

At the customer’s request we offer a filtering service, the storage of oil in silos under nitrogen, an inert gas that reduces the phenomenon of oil oxidation, and a fast and efficient bottling service.

At the Mandorlo Oil Mill, you can see the fruit of the work, care and love of an entire year.

All those who come to Frantoio il Mandorlo to produce oil can participate in our annual competition. An opportunity to celebrate, get to know each other, discuss the work and share knowledge on farming practices.

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