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The excellence of a territory,
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A perfect balance between land and love


100% Italian

To make our extra virgin olive oil we only use olives from our farm on the beautiful hills of Florence.


Cold Extraction

We extract the extra virgin olive oil at a temperature below 27°C to ensure a fresh, fruity product, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.


Family-run business

We are the third generation of a family of olive growers who have been taking care of this land since 1974 and crushing olives from the metropolitan area of Florence.

Il Mandorlo, the oil mill of Florence

Il Mandorlo, a mill with 50 years of history, is just over 8 km from Florence. Created in 1974 inside a cellar dating back to the baroque period, where the combination of technology and experience still creates an oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics today. The meticulous control of the entire olive oil supply chain allows the Ronca family to create a very high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil while fully respecting nature.

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Our mill

How extra virgin olive oil is made at Il Frantoio Il Mandorlo

We carefully harvest the olives in the field with hand picking and combing techniques to protect the integrity of each olive. The olives are milled in our oil mill within 24 hours of their harvest at a temperature below 27°C in order to keep all the organoleptic characteristics and nutraceutical properties of the olives intact.


Answering your questions!

Ch.1 BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES OF EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Extra virgin olive oil is one of the key foods of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is considered as the condiment par excellence of traditional Italian dishes and is therefore a common denominator of the Mediterranean areas. The use of olive oil in food preparation offers the […]

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