100% Italian Oil

The oil mill in Florence between history and innovation

The Il Mandorlo oil mill was built inside a cellar dating back to the baroque period, creating an ideal combination of history and innovation where technology and experience come together to give rise to an oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

Our Grandfather Lino Lonari greatly desired to create the oil mill in order to meticulously take care of all the processing phases and have greater control over the entire olive oil supply chain, guaranteeing the utmost in terms of product quality.

The oil mill was initially set up as a plant with a traditional system that involved the use of grinders for grinding and presses with bobbin discs alternating with metal discs for crushing the olive paste and the exit of the oil. This system was completely open, and the contact with air during the processing favoured a partial oxidation of the final product.

Always attentive to the technological innovations of the production system, during the 1990s Lino decided to reconvert the plant with a continuous three-phase centrifugal alpha-laval system with an Ara system. The grinders and presses were respectively replaced by closed systems such as a toothed disc crusher and decanter, preventing the early oxidation of the product.

Over the years, the oil mill has been renovated and modernised several times to keep up with the changes in the oil sector. By taking care of the processing on behalf of third parties, our oil mill has become a real benchmark for many olive growers and much more: the Il Mandorlo oil mill is also a place for meeting, exchanging work experience in the olive growing sector, as well as joy, happiness and the excitement of all those who see the work of a whole year completed.

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