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Olive-scented room diffuser – 100 ml

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Capacity: 100 ml Space: room from 5 to 10 mq



The olive-scented room diffuser creates a relaxing atmosphere. Idea Toscana’s room fragrance dispensers are designed to liberate mixtures of natural essential oils into the air that affect the well-being of body and mind. The scent of olive oil is characterized by a mixture of freshness and spices. The balsamic fragrances combine with the herbaceous scents of rosemary, mint and lavender, and combine with the spicy tones of cinnamon and thyme.

To adjust the intensity of the perfume, you need to turn all or some of the sticks provided in the package several times a day. The duration of the diffuser varies, depending on the position and room in which it is located, for example exposure to direct sunlight may cause it to evaporate sooner.

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